• You need CASH NOW!
• Tired of making payments on
   something you are not using
• You're not using RV... it's just sitting
• Your Health is not good... can't
   enjoy using RV
• Ready for a model change
• Have a project I need cash for
• RV is part of Estate Sale... need to
  liquidate quick for top dollar.

• When consigning, your RV may
  not be insured
• Rarely will you receive
  consignment amount agreed
• Dealer focuses on using your RV
  for bait & switch for new RV
• When you sell yourself, strangers
  come to your home
• Must know how to transfer checks,
  titles, liens, odometer statements

            Please Read Before You Offer Us Your RV
Cash4rvs.com is not the end user or the consumer. We CANNOT pay retail prices... we DO pay today's open market value. Please only offer us your RV if you are serious about SELLING FOR CASH based on today's market value!

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In submitting out this form you must agree to the following statement: I represent this as being a completely accurate description of my RV. I understand that a physical appraisal will be made when I bring my RV in, or when Guarantee RV picks it up, and it must exactly conform to this appraisal to stand. I also give Cash4rv's my permission to use my application information and photo to accelerate the buying process.


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