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• You need CASH NOW!
• Tired of making payments on
   something you are not using
• You're not using RV... it's just sitting
• Your Health is not good... can't
   enjoy using RV
• Ready for a model change
• Have a project I need cash for
• RV is part of Estate Sale... need to
  liquidate quick for top dollar.


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It is a FACT that privately selling your RV is difficult to do.
You have no financing, you will have strangers coming to your home, you have to pay for your own advertising, requires your time to place ads, you have to find effective place to publish ad, you are competing with thousands of other RVs being advertised, phone calls at all hours, setting appointments, people don't show up... one problem after another.

Cash4rvs is a check writer, we are buyers, that's our business!
We buy nationally and have expert appraisers who go onsite. Once you have made contact with us and have provided an accurate description of your RV, we will come out and inspect it. We strive to complete the transaction that same day!

Cash4rvs buys/sells pre-owed motor homes, diesels, and coaches. Below are listed a few manufacturers bought & sold. Cash4rvs is not a licensed franchise dealer for any of the manufactures listed or logos represented.
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