• You need CASH NOW!
• Tired of making payments on
   something you are not using
• You're not using RV... it's just sitting
• Your Health is not good... can't
   enjoy using RV
• Ready for a model change
• Have a project I need cash for
• RV is part of Estate Sale... need to
  liquidate quick for top dollar.

• When you attempt to sell yourself,
  strangers come to your home
• 95% of all potential buyers require
  financing. Complicates sale.
• Must know how to transfer checks,
  titles, liens, odometer statements
• When consigning, your RV may
  not be insured

How long does it take for Cash4rvs.com to contact me?
Whether you use our forms, call us, e-mail us, or have responded to one of our published ads; one of our RV specialists will be in touch with you with in 24 hours.

My RV is for sale, why did Cash4rvs call me?
If you have been contacted by our marketing department via e-mail or by one of our RV specialists, this generally means we found your RV on the internet for sale and have an interest in buying it.

How do you decide how much to offer me?
Our appraisals are based mainly on the year, make, model and condition of your RV and how well it has been maintained.

How do you go about evaluating my RV for purchase?
Our Used RV specialists can appraise your RV over the phone by asking a few simple questions about the year, make, model, added options and overall condition of your RV.

What exactly does Cash4rvs take care of?
When we buy your RV we will handle the entire transaction including all DMV legal paperwork, arrange loan payoff with your bank (if applicable) with certified funds, and arrange pick up and delivery from your home.

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